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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We have the world’s tastiest Christmas tree- we decided that instead of buying a tree just for Christmas, or putting up the old faithful fake tree, we would buy a rosemary bush. I’ll plant it in the back year after the new year- assuming it survives, since I keep plucking off branches for our Christmas dinner roast!

Lament the death of my favorite gadget

My NuWave oven has died, after six months of moderateĀ use.

I called up the company, but they would not cover the warranty unless I had a receipt, which I did not. They offered to sell me a full-price replacement, but my budget doesn’t stretch that far. I very much enjoyed the NuWave while it worked. Some day maybe I’ll get another.

So, I’m going to change focus from my once-loved NuWave to the gas grill. Expect me to start trying out hobo packet recipes, dusting off my grilled chili, and questing for the perfect grilled brat. It’s getting to be perfect grilling season in El Paso anyway.thumbs_down Nuwave-Infrared-Oven

Do you have a favorite grill recipe, or one that you’d like me to try to improve? Let me know!

Spice Rub mini-news

I’m printing up cards now. They look bad- my printer is old and junky- but the spice rub will be the real thing. Should be in the mail tomorrow morning.

A friend pointed out that Pixie Dust is kind of a wimpy name for a spice rub. Anyone have suggestions for a better name? let me know, now or after you’ve tried the rub!

UPDATE The spice rub is packaged up, ready to mail. I’ll get it mailed out either tomorrow morning or Monday morning.