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The Spice Must Flow!

The spice rub is mailed out, first class. You should see it this weekend or early next week.

When you’ve used the Pixie Dust, please come back to this post and leave me a comment telling me what you made, how it turned out, and what you think I should call the spice rub.

The Spice Rub is coming!

I’m having a free giveaway. The first fifteen new subscribers will get a package of my Pixie Dust spice rub in the mail. Subscribe before Thursday April 7 (2016) to get in on the free spice rub.

I purchased the last of the spices today for my spice rubs. I’ll be mailing them out Friday or Saturday. Please leave a comment with your mailing address if I don’t already have it- I will not publish the comment, it will just let me know where to mail the spice packets.

The packaging will be primitive for this test run- plain old printed cardstock. I’m planning to use attractive cards for the real packaging, but printing these at home means that I can get the spice mixes out sooner. The spice itself will be the real thing.

PLEASE let me know what you think of the spice mixes.

  • If you just tell me that you liked it, it is good for my ego.
  • If you tell me that  you didn’t like it, that helps a bit too. Not the ego, so much, but the spice mix.
  • But if you tell me, “This mix had too much cumin and could have used more garlic.” then you have actually improved my cooking and I will be really grateful.