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The Logan Roadhouse in Odessa, Texas

I joined two other students from my blind guy 101 class at the Logan Roadhouse. We enjoyed lunch there.

The Logan Roadhouse is one of a class of chain steakhouses. Its d├ęcor runs to domestic beer signs and cowboy accoutrements. Country music twangs soulfully in the background.

Logan’s is surprisingly good at presentation. The meals they served looked like it had been whisked off of a good commercial- fresh, crisp, plentiful and well-made. Presentation is not the lost art I had thought it was.

My steak salad was colourful and tasty, with avocado making a surprising (and pleasant) textural counterpoint to the juicy steak. The ranch dressing was cool and crisp. If they’d added some bell peppers or cucumbers for crunch it would have been perfect, but it was quite acceptable as served. The steak was a good bit more rare than I had ordered but was still quite decent.

One friend ordered a classic burger, which looked as though a master chef had been challenged to make a perfect burger. I wish I’d had a camera. I would make a poster of this and caption it THIS IS WHAT BURGERS SHOULD LOOK LIKE.

My other friend ordered a steak, and, while the steak was quite tasty, he found the weak spot of today. His steak was underdone (he had requested medium and got rare, despite the little plastic toothpick claiming MEDIUM) and they goofed his side orders. The waiter was quick and polite as he corrected the order.

All told, I’d certainly eat here again. The prices were decent, the service fast and friendly, and the food fresh and wonderfully presented.